12 Rare Waterfowl Hybrids Every Hunter Wishes They’ve Bagged

Featured Image Source: Mallard/Widgeon Hybrid http://www.adamgrimm.com/photographs.html

More elusive than the rare leg band or neck collar, there are many duck and goose hybrid species that any waterfowl hunter would be proud to display in their trophy room. Granted it’s usually the “Rookie” who gets the leg bands and rare cross breeds, it still pays to keep an eye on incoming flocks to spot anything out of the ordinary.

Have you shot or spotted any of these rare hybrids?

1. Mallard Pintail Hybrid


Source: pbase.com

While still considered rare, we still hear of a couple Mallard Pintail hybrids being taken each year. Keep your eyes open because this one can be a hard one to spot if the sun isn’t playing in your favor.