Difference between Duck and Goose

Duck and Goose, are both waterfowl and share many similarities but in objective to distinguish between each other, we need to consider few points. May be science would be helpful for the comprehension of this topic. Duck, Goose and Swan all are categorized under the biological family Anatidae. Anatidae adapted for swimming and diving in shallow water.


Ducks are the well-known species in this family even sometime the whole family addressed as duck. In popular culture many characters are dramatized as them; for instance- Donald Duck and Duffy Duck. Physically ducks are smaller than goose and don’t migrate as other species do in this family. A male duck is referred as drake while a baby duck is called duckling. Beside that only the female duck sounds quack.


Physically geese have elongated neck and lesser built than ducks. Male geese are named as ‘ganders’ and baby goose is called as ‘gosling’. Most fascinating thing about the geese is- they return to their birth place where they had hatched. Geese also have strong affection towards their comrade, when a goose gets injured then other geese will look after the injured one until it recovers or dies.

Difference between Duck and Goose

Even though both duck and goose are from same biological family, they have lots of differences. Geese are herbivorous while ducks eat insects and small amphibians along with the geese have more webs in their toes than the ducks. Ducks are more domestic than the geese as they are widely used for meat and eggs.

Duck and Goose as food

Commercially ducks are widely availed for meats and eggs, they have many economical purposes. They are farmed at commercial scale for meats, eggs and feathers. Duck meats are among the most popular white meats as numerous restaurants are serving many duck dishes.

Hunting ducks and geese

In many places ducks and goose are hunted down for food and passion; many occasions and competitions are organized to promote duck and goose hunting. If you are curious for the duck and goose hunting then you can get proper guidance through internet, make your visit to the website which is committed to hunting and related stuff; for instance Huntfowl.Com.

Summing up

                                     Duck                                       Goose
Ducks are smaller in size but heavily built. Geese are largely sized.
Make ‘quacking’ sound. Geese make strong honking call.
Smaller legs and neck than geese. Longer legs and necks and more webs on toe.
Ducks usually do not migrate. Geese migrate from one place to other.
Duck eats insects and small amphibians.

Goose eats short grass.