Duck Hunting Guide USA

Nothing would be as much aggravating as coming home from a hunting trip with zero kills. Totally waste of time and energy, isn’t it? This may fade our curiosity and passion for it. But how others do it so amusingly and properly, and if they can? Then why do not you? If you are a beginner and you are willing to give it a try then I would recommend- do it in right way.

Duck hunting in USA is a passion, declining the conventional notion of hunting; it has become a widely celebrated outdoor adventure. In regard of this, duck hunting has become a sport and duck kills have become trophies.

Usually, people get excited while reading hunting magazines and watching YouTube hunting videos and then with such enthusiasm they ignore essential security measures. Later with frustration they realize they should have done little homework.

Essential homework for Duck hunting

Gather all vital gears:

Hunting has numerous potential threats, being in wild no one is safe no matter how skilled you are. In extreme condition even a knife can save your life. Thus, while packing your bag you should be prepared for the worst.

Your clothing should be pursuant to your tour. A hunting tour can be done in two ways, namely- water hunting and land hunting. Make sure to wear warm cloths, as for hunting you may need to sit out for hours in bone chilling cold. It would be much better if your cloths would waterproof. Besides these vital requirements, for effective hunting in both areas you should wear camouflage clothing.

Take your time while making list of all essential stuffs that you think you should have in the tour, though every person has its own requirements like some want to keep books while others a music players. However, considering our objective I have listed some stuff that almost essential for every hunter and they read follows:

  • Your shotgun and ammo
  • Your arm license registration
  • GPS Maps and compass
  • Decoys and duck calls
  • Binoculars
  • First-aid-kit
  • Headlight
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Hearing Protection
  • Multi-tools and knife
  • Toilet Paper
  • Water
  • Rope

Now, when you hit the wild, seeking ducks, you still need to consider few strategies in your concern and some vital ones are:

On finding a right spot:

You whole performance indispensably depends upon your selection of spot. Therefore, you should sincerely take some time in selecting a particular location for hunting.

Set up your decoys:

For effective decoy set up you need to consider few crucial tactics, make your visit to the Waterfowl secret hunting for proper decoys setup guide.

Focus on one at one time:

For precise shooting you need to have better concentration, focus one duck at one time. Pick one among the flock and deeply comprehend and estimate its movement.


 Mid-west is most suitable place for waterfowl hunting, places like Colorado, Arkansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Texas and even Alaska are rich spots for waterfowl hunting. Click on Hunt Fowl, for everything about waterfowl hunting.

For amusing and entertaining hunting trip you should hire professional outfitters. Hunting is not just a game; instead a hunter may face serious danger while hunting. Thus, you must not avoid any security measures and for successful hunting trip talk to your local outfitters.