Goose hunting secrets

The secret that we are about to unfold, can make you a skilled hunter, but before all that you should be aware of that we can’t spoon feed these skills to you. A fine hunter can only be finest with its hard work and comprehension. However, following conventional and evergreen enlisted tips can make you a fine Geese hunter-

Keep your decoys animated – the most crucial part of waterfowl hunting is calling your prey. You need to create a magnetic arena for them. So, consequently we spread our decoys for that, but a spread is not enough. You need to keep your decoy in motion so that they can add magnitude to your spread. The simplest way to keep your decoy in motion is just by pulling or jerking strings and sometime hunters pump their legs to send currents to their decoys. But as we are breathing in hi-tech century, we can hide electric trolling motors for this purpose. This will provide consistent motion to your decoys.

Forge a Water hole– Goose hunting is usually done in winter season, when everything is frozen. Then even a replica of water hole would be effective to attract geese. For such purpose folks use large plastic sheets to imitate little depth of water. For the geese, you need to remove all the big shoots and stalks then put the plastic down. Give the realistic touch, put some weeds and add some decoys all-around the edges.
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Hunt in right time– Geese hunting is precisely seasonal, it would be futile to hunt in off season unless you are exceptionally lucky. It would be better to follow an outfitter or join a hunting club for staying informed about the updates.

Calling– for geese you don’t need any specific art of calling, a simple calling would be enough effective to call them.

Remember Geese are herbivorous– Geese do not eat insects and other living they are herbivorous; therefore the land and water spread would be appropriate arena for the geese.

Keep calm and do not get nervous– Hunting is all about the patience, a hunter must be calm and precise enough to make successful shot.

Kill ‘Em All– practice makes perfect, try to make your shot precise. Prepare yourself as a shooter and use suitable gun for your purpose.


Waterfowl hunting is among the most celebrated hunting seasons in North America, and precisely when we talk about the geese hunting. The whole scenario takes us into different dimension. Both Geese and Ducks belong to same biological family, but still there is lots of difference between them. Geese do not stay at one place for long time, but they may come and go to frequent places. So, a hunter has to have different strategies for geese hunting. Comprehend the website Huntfowl for anything about hunting.