Meet the Crew

Kris McCarty

Kris is an avid Colorado waterfowler usually hunting many days of the season from early duck season to the end of March chasing snow geese. First and foremost, Kris has been a website and internet marketing expert full-time for 8-years and loves helping business owners find success for their business using the internet.

Mike McCarty

Mike grew up hunting ducks and geese in Colorado with his little-big brother Kris and like anyone else who tries waterfowl hunting for the first time Mike was hooked for life. Mike manages customer service and onboarding of new outfitters. If you want to talk to the friendliest guy in the bunch Mike is your guy.

Brad Nogosek

Brad is an Avid Northern California waterfowler who loves cheeseburgers and grew up hunting ducks and geese in the flooded rice fields since he was 11. His father took him on his first hunt and killed a big ol greenhead and has been doing it every season for the last 18 years. Brad is our sales and marketing director and is responsible for helping you book clients.

Jake Simmons

I was born and raised in Idaho and have been hunting waterfowl with my dad since I was a young kid. I have been in a wheelchair my whole life, Hunting is a huge part of my life and it is something i can do even from my wheelchair. I have been married to my wife Makenna for 4 years.