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Ducks,Snow Geese,Specklebelly Geese



Cupped Wing Guide Service offers top-quality duck hunts in Arkansas. All inclusive packages available making this duck hunting trip about having a good time while being comfortable and relaxing. When duck hunting with Cupped Wings Guide Service we strive to ensure our hunters receive the best duck hunting experience that North East Arkansas has to offer. We hunt on over 10,000 acres of flooded rice, beans, timber, willow swamps and cypress breaks. We are where the ducks are! We offer top notch accommodations, guides and locations. The farms we own and lease hold huge numbers of waterfowl. We are uniquely situated between several well known WMA’s and refuges that winter millions of birds. North East Arkansas has quickly become a mecca for some of the best duck hunting in the country and we are sitting at “GROUND ZERO”! We offer a family friendly environment for you to enjoy duck hunting at its finest. We are just 25 minutes north of Memphis, TN in Crittenden County Arkansas. If you are duck hunting Arkansas and looking for the best place to book your guided hunt, you have found the right place. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We realize when it comes to booking a guided duck hunt there are many options out there. We do not over book and do not over hunt any of our areas. Rest days are just as important as the days when you are laying the hammer down. We do this to ensure quality. For us, it’s not about booking every available spot every day, but rather it’s about fun, fellowship and the quality of the hunting experience. We believe once you book with us, you will come back year after year.



Tristin M - TN
2017-08-29 16:37:43

We took a family trip 3 years ago to hunt with Cupped Wings. Such a great experience. It was my 1st time duck hunting with my dad and brothers. I am a girl and wasn't sure what to think before the hunt. Mike & Andy were very accommodating and made me feel like I was one of the "guys". We killed a lot of different species of ducks and geese and have been coming back each year since. We just booked again and this will be our 4th yr. CWGS turned me into a duck hunting fanatic! Can wait to get back in Dec again this season. You cant go wrong with Mike & Andy at Cupped Wings.

Charles Whitley - NE
2017-08-15 20:51:48

We headed out of the deer stands to do our annual duck hunting trip to AR and hunted with Cupped Wings for the 1st time last season. We absolutely smacked some mallards and had to stop shooting pintails. 3 day hunt we killed 67 ducks and 22 geese. We found a place we'll be coming back to every year! Mike, Andy, Hunter and Shawn were awesome! Lodge was great and set up perfectly to hang out and have a good time. See you guys in Jan 2018.

Taylor N
2017-08-15 20:26:58

We just rebooked for this upcoming season. Were from south Louisiana and hunted with these guys last season and and a great experience! Glad he had room for us again this season! Looking forward to getting back to AR and hunting with CWGS again!

Tom U.
2017-01-28 14:09:35

Per Mike the reason for very few ducks/geese within shooting range was the lack of cold weather up north. Plausible. Our hunt was in January. Revisited the same 2 blinds for morning and afternoon hunt. Had to drive 35 miles to 2 of them in our own vehicles. 6 hunters killed 15 ducks (no geese) in Monday-Thursday hunt. Could have killed ducks at flooded cypress/river if guides had the right decoy set. Shawn was good the other guy Hunter had an adolescent attitude. Lodge and mud-room not well cleaned. Overall lack of organization and general housekeeping. Food was OK but haphazardly prepared by maintenance guy and his girlfriend. I don't want to see these folks in pajamas making my breakfast. The owner/Mike never even thanked us for our business when leaving. Never said goodbye. Wow! We will not be back.

Shane B.
2017-01-21 20:28:01

Unfortunately, our experience with CWGS and Mike was far from great. Just the opposite! It was a total disaster and a huge disappointment. Weather and lack of birds aside, Mike did absolutely nothing to help poor conditions. Most any outfitter will get you birds when conditions are ideal and waterfowl are plenty. This is the easy part. It is when conditions are adverse that the truly top outfitters shine. CWGS and Mike unfortunately do not fit into this category. A letter was sent to Mike shortly after our hunt in December (posted below) and to date he has made absolutely no attempt to contact or respond to us. Another sign our a less than top outfitter. Not willing to accept his failure and mistakes and man up. Not responding indicates to us that he knows he was wrong and has no answer for it. At least tell us that. We can accept it and move on! Just BEWARE of what CWGS promises and what they will deliver. Unfortunately, we will never use CWGS again nor will we recommend their services to our very large connection of hunting buddies. December 27, 2016 Mike: I am writing this letter on behalf of our group that hunted with Cupped Wings on 12/19-12/21. Let me start off by saying our guide Browning was a very pleasant, congenial, and respectful young man. We enjoyed his company and commitment during our time with him. We also enjoyed our accommodations which were comfortable and allowed for good fellowship, although the cable never really functioned properly to allow for viewing. However, that is where the positive aspects of our trip stop. As I mentioned to you previously the majority of us have been hunting waterfowl for over 50 years and have been utilizing outfitters for more than 30 years. In addition, two of us own hunting clubs. We all agree that this is by far the most disappointing trip we have ever taken part of. We certainly understand not being able to control the weather or ducks. However, there was absolutely no attempt on your part to give your customers a chance during trying conditions. First, it was clear some time in advance that very cold temperatures would occur from Sunday through Tuesday and that there would be a significant freeze. No attempt was made to keep water open or open water up prior to any hunts. This certainly could have been done with your ice eaters, or other means. Whether there were ducks or not it would have at least given us a chance having open water in front of us. Without, we were doomed from the start and may have just as well stayed at home (other outfitters probably would have suggested we postpone or hunt due to expected conditions and rebook for a later date). Second, we have never paid significant money to an outfitter for a hunt and not met him face to face. When I pay for services in full I expect to be able to meet the outfitter, shake his hand, and look eye to eye. Not only did we never see you, but did not receive a call from you Tuesday evening to discuss the day and the plans for Wednesday. Needless to say, we were not only surprised but terribly disappointed! Let me now summarize the days of our hunt and I ask you to place yourself in our shoes and tell me what your reaction would have been. The first day we went to a shallow, flooded, rice field and set up 15 decoys (no motion decoys at all) after Browning broke ice with the ATV. We hunted from shooting time to about 7:30 am when Browning had to go out again and break up the ice with the ATV. It was at this time that the ATV broke down in the middle of the spread (see attached photo) and could not be moved. Browning decided to return to the lodge to pick up his ATV to pull it out only to find you had his ATV. He did return with the big 4 seater around 9:50 or 10:00 a.m. and was able to pull the ATV out. So, we “hunted” with a paid guide for about 1 hour and were left on our own for the remainder of the morning. Although we could take care of ourselves we certainly could not expect to entice any ducks in the spread with an ATV stuck in the decoys. It was decided that we would pack it up then and go back out in the afternoon. Of course, you called and notified me that your guides were not available during the afternoons to allow for scouting and offered a slough that was mostly frozen. The second day was no better. You sent Browning and my group to a pit blind near Big Lake in the afternoon. When we arrived we found the flooded field was covered by 3-4 inches of ice (see attached photo) with no hope of opening for the afternoon hunt. Again, if you wanted folks to hunt this with ANY hope holes should have been cut the day before and ice eaters placed to run all night and morning. Or, field irrigation pumps started and pumped over the area with “warmer” water to melt areas of ice. With no place to really hunt we drove all the way back to Denwood to hunt the “honey hole” which did have a little open water. By this time it was around 2:30-3:00 pm. So, the second day resulted in about 2 to 2.5 hours of hunting. We will not complain about the third and last day as we returned to the honey hole and had some open water. What was disappointing was hearing that the 4 seat ATV was broken down and unavailable as a result of you attempting to open water for your daughters the previous night. I cherish my family also, but attempting to open water for them while never attempting the same for your clients was also disappointing and unheard of in our numerous ventures. I hope that you can see our extreme disappointment with your services last week. I would hope that at a minimum I will receive a reply and explanation from you. Your website certainly appeared enticing and exciting. However, our trip was anything but this. Thank you in advance for your consideration and response to this matter. Respectively, Shane

Bradley B WI
2016-07-21 22:15:06

Flew down from WI with a group of 5. These guys are the real deal! Killed a banded speck! My first speck and it was banded in the Yukon, AK. We all had a great time and killed a lot of birds and ate well. Mike, Andy & Bo were very helpful in finding me a local taxidermist to mount my banded speck and have it shipped to me. Just rebooked with these guys for this season. CANT WAIT!

Becky L.
2015-12-09 21:30:33

Took my husband and girls on a trip. Mike was an excellent guide and made the girls feel welcome in a sport mostly done by men. Not only did we have fun, we learned a lot. Looking forward to booking our next trip!

Cody Lang Memphis, TN
2015-11-04 16:01:46

Me and my crew of 8 had a great hunt last season. Loved the lodge and the hunting was on point! Unfortunately I waited too long to book this year. The only dates that we could hunt this year were already booked. Kind of BUMMED but it was my fault for waiting till the last second. Already booked for the 2016-2017 season. Can't wait to get back!

Rachel W. Canton, OH
2015-09-16 15:42:05

I booked a hunt with Mike at Cupped Wings for my 2 sons and their friends. They are all in high school. Mike was great to deal with and set my mind at ease since the 4 teenagers would be making the trip by themselves. The kids had a great time and said it was the most enjoyable hunt they ever went on. I don't know whether to be mad or happy because now they are hooked for life! Cant stop talking about this upcoming season! We re-booked with CWGS again this season for the 4 boys. Very happy with this guide service and would highly recommend to anyone looking to book a guided duck hunt in AR.

Chad Long
2015-09-16 15:35:09

Been hunting with Cupped Wings for several years now. Cant go wrong with this crew! They run a great operation. They get after the birds hard and always make sure we have a great time! I have been going on guided duck hunts in AR for over 20 years now and have hunted with a lot of different outfits. I have now hunted the last 4 years with Cupped Wings and have no plan of go anywhere else. They make us feel at home and work hard to put us on the birds. Love the laid back atmosphere at the lodge. My kind of place!

Jackson M. Chicago, IL
2015-09-01 02:56:50

Came from IL with a group of 6. The guys at Cupped Wings Guide Service really did a top notch job. We killed good mix of birds, mallards, pintails, teal, gadwall, wigeon, snows & specks! Even killed my first Canvasback thats going on my wall! The lodge was great as well as the food. Bo & Mike did a heck of a job and worked hard to put us on the birds. Had a great time. Would highly recommend.

Sara N.
2015-08-18 19:57:41

Booked a corporate hunt for a group of my salesmen last year and they had a great time. They asked me to book them again with Cupped Wings so they must have been very happy. Mike was great to deal with and was very flexible. Thanks. Sara N.

Mark & Chris Stiles
2015-08-14 20:55:00

My son and I hunted with CWGS last year for the 1st time. What a great hunt! Food, lodging, hunting was all top notch. My son and I have already booked another hunt for this season and we cannot wait. You cant go wrong with these guys. Mike and Bo will make sure you have a great time.

2015-08-10 16:00:39

Excellent guide service. We killed a ton of ducks and geese and the lodge accommodations were terrific. Great group of guys! Ohh, and they cook some great meals too. I highly recommend Cupped Wings Guide Service. Were definitely coming back for our next Arkansas guided duck hunt.

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