22 Waterfowl Brands To Follow on Instagram

As promised in our previous post, here are 24 waterfowling brands that are MUST-FOLLOWS on Instagram.  In addition to posting incredible shots from the field, these accounts will also alert you to sales and new products, both of which every duck hunter need!!!

Click the link, click the follow button, and get through the offseason!

HuntFowl.comhttps://www.instagram.com/huntfowlcom/ – Look – there we are, right at the top of our list. Seriously, we’re a good follow on Instagram – we try to bring you the best images we can from the world of waterfowling.

Tanglefree Waterfowl – https://www.instagram.com/tanglefreewaterfowl/ – Much like many of the brands on here, Tanglefree is able to cherry pick images from their own archives as well as from their pro-staff. This makes for a visually appealing page, and content you absolutely want to follow.  They also pulled off a pretty hysterical April Fool’s prank . . .

Sitka Gear – https://www.instagram.com/sitkagear/ – Sitka is not strictly a waterfowler’s page, nor a waterfowler’s brand, but their content is so fresh and creative it’s still a must-follow. Plenty of ducks and geese sprinkled in.

Drake Waterfowl – https://www.instagram.com/drakewaterfowl/ – Drake is one of the premier waterfowling brands – you’ll find one of their t-shirts or hats in every duck hunter’s closet. Great shots of birds working and tons of great Lab shots on this page.

Mack’s Prairie Wings – https://www.instagram.com/mackspw/ -Who among us hasn’t taken a picture in front of that giant mallard? A good follow for different content, as well as the occasional sale that (trust us) you can’t afford to miss!

Gator-tail-Outboards – https://www.instagram.com/gator_tail_outboards/ – Surface drives are the coolest. See duck hunting from the perspective of the boat on this feed, a different view for many of us.

Halo Waterfowl – https://www.instagram.com/halowaterfowl/ – Besides selling the coolest waxed jacket known to man, Halo Waterfowl is a lifestyle brand that provides plenty of “must see” content

HeviShot – https://www.instagram.com/hevishotammo/ – The only ammo brand on our list, their close up work on the point of impact of birds is incredible. One of the first brands I followed.

Hardcore Brands – https://www.instagram.com/hardcorebrands/ – An “everything” brand, Hardcores forays into waterfowling provides plenty of reason for plenty of great content as well as some killer deals on decoys and other products!

GetDucks – https://www.instagram.com/igetducks/ – Want to experience “envy” at a whole ‘nother level? Watch for shots for some of their South American or European hunts, then seek counseling.  This feed is also on our individuals page as it is the account for Ryan Bassham

Habitat Flats – https://www.instagram.com/habitatflats/ – We recommended Tony Vandemore in our individuals list – this is the outfitter account and it’s well worth a follow

Louisiana Wetlands – https://www.instagram.com/louisiana_wetlands/ – The brainchild of HGTV star Hampton Rutland, this page offers great content from a couple of die-hard quack addicts

Wildfowl Magazine – https://www.instagram.com/wildfowlmagazine/ – a leader in the waterfowling industry, Wildfowl is published several times a year, including monthly during the season. Really good content

Ducks Unlimited – https://www.instagram.com/ducksunlimitedinc/ – the leader in waterfowl conservation, Ducks Unlimited’s page weaves great shots from the blind with some behind the scenes photos and video from their conservation work

Delta Waterfowl – https://www.instagram.com/deltawaterfowl/ – another great conservation organization, Delta showcases photos from many of their members, meaning you’ll get some content you wouldn’t see otherwise

Mojo TV – https://www.instagram.com/mojo_tv/ – the creators of the spinning wing decoy, this is a fun follow, as well as one that will usually result in my making a purchase at least once a season

Avery – https://www.instagram.com/averyghg/ – See “Banded” or “Drake” – another solid waterfowl company that provides great content, as well as a couple of great sales

Higdon Outdoors – https://www.instagram.com/higdonoutdoors/ – a leader in the decoy industry, Higdons are a “name to know” in diver hunting circles, but their products span the breadth of waterfowling

737 Calls – https://www.instagram.com/737duckcalls/ – there are lots of call companies on Instagram, but none do a better job of capturing the waterfowling experience than 737

Honey Brake – https://www.instagram.com/honeybrake/ – only two “outfitters” on the list – Honey Brake is known in many circles as one of the premier hunts in the country. Some of their action shots may actually cause drooling

East Coast Waterfowl – https://www.instagram.com/eastcoastwaterfowl/ – another “lifestyle” brand that frequently features submissions from their customers, giving a fresh perspective to your feed.

Rig Em Right – https://www.instagram.com/rigemright/ – at some point, you run out of superlatives for these images. Rig ’em Right definitely belongs on this list.

There you have it.  22 Waterfowl Brands you must follow on Instagram.  Who did we miss?  Who are your must follows?