Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide Services: Why Hunt Ducks in Arkansas?

Considered the “Duck Capital of the World” Arkansas boasts the largest numbers of harvested ducks year after year. With a deep history of being the #1 destination to hunt ducks, Arkansas has attracted the likes of presidents, senators, celebrities and waterfowl hunters from around the world for many years.

Mallards make up the bulk of the harvested ducks by a landslide so if green is what you’re after, Arkansas is the place to set your sights on this waterfowl season.

So what makes Arkansas an oasis for migrating mallards?

Rice and an abundance of water are the primary magnets that draw in thousands of birds from the motherland. After a long journey down the bottle-necked Mississippi Flyway, ducks need an abundance of food and water to rest and re-fuel. Rice is the preferred meal for most ducks and since Arkansas is the largest producer of rice in the country it’s a fitting wintering destination for thousands of ducks.

Unlike many agricultural practices in the mid-west, southern farmers block drainage outlets after the fall rice harvest and flood their fields. The hard southern soil doesn’t absorb water like it does in other parts of the country so much of the water is retained making a perfect refuge for thousands of ducks.

Unfortunately, loading up the truck with all your duck hunting gear and heading down to Arkansas seeking out prime public hunting opportunities will likely leave you disappointed. The competition is fierce and the already edgy birds learn quickly to avoid the public land firing lines. These birds have been hunted from Saskatchewan all the way down the Mississippi flyway so it wont be easy unless you have an advantage.

The advantage? Hire a an Arkansas duck hunting guide

Many of the Arkansas duck hunting guides have been established for many years and have premium managed properties that consistently produce successful harvests for their clients. They also know the weather, where the birds are roosting at all times and what tricks are working to attract nervous birds. While it may be more expensive to pay for a guided Arkansas duck hunt, the experience of hunting in one of the greatest North American waterfowl destinations is priceless.

We are currently interviewing and adding Arkansas duck guides so if you’re researching your next duck hunt in Arkansas be sure to check out our featured guides for Arkansas. If you are an Arkansas waterfowl outfitter you’re welcome to apply with us here or by visiting the list your outfit link at the bottom of this page.