Calling All Waterfowl Outfitters! Get In Before it’s Too Late

If you’re looking to book more clients we’ve got you covered! Unlike other outfitter listing websites out there ran by waterfowl enthusiasts as a hobby we are a team of internet marketers dedicated to bringing you the exposure you need to have a busy and profitable hunting season. Sure, we love hunting just as much as you but this website is our full-time job and if you aren’t booking hunts then we get fired.

Here’s how we can help you succeed as a waterfowl outfitter…

First, we know where to position ourselves to soak up real time, ready to book waterfowl clients that pick up the phone and call you. Second, we have a large audience of duck and goose hunters who are looking for our recommendation on where to hunt, who to book with and what time to go. We have the capability of sending one email and having your phone literally melt in your hands with guys who want to book. Basically, we can guarantee you’ll book hunts with us and the nominal fee to be listed on is a drop in the hat compared to the results you’ll get.

Ok, so maybe we gave you all the juice too early but here are some other ways we bring exposure to your outfit:

1. Every time you add photos to your outfitter profile they are also added to our main photo gallery and when potential clients browse those pictures and click on them they are taken to your outfitter page on Anyone, regardless of your listing package with us can take advantage of this feature and we encourage it as it will bring you a significant amount of page views to your listing.

2. Social media is huge and it’s a channel we are focusing on heavily. We know how to get in front of hunters and get them back to year around which means more exposure for you.

3. Reviews: Your outfitter page on HuntFowl has a reviews section where your previous clients can come and leave a review for your company. We highly recommend you notify your past clients once you are listed with us so you can get as many reviews on your page as possible. Potential clients are going to want to see reviews and are 100x more likely to book with an outfitter who has several positive reviews.

4. Featured Listings: We give all outfitters the option to upgrade to a featured listing which means your listing will be featured at the top of search results more often.

5. Banner Ads: We have banner ads all throughout the website and this offers a select group of outfitters or industry related companies to get in front of our audience. These spots are limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

6. Newsletter Promotions: Our subscriber base is ready to book hunts and all it takes is one email from us. When we send an email to 26,493 subscribers recommending your outfit you will be calling us to please make it stop!

Bottom line, we know we can help you grow as a waterfowl outfitter and we’re extremely affordable. Book one 2 gun hunt from us and your listing fee with us is covered in most cases so you really don’t have anything to lose and quite a bit to gain. We also offer website design services, logo design, SEO, private consulting, clothing design (hats, hoodies and t-shirts) you name it we’ve got you covered.

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