Choosing Right Waterfowl Hunting Gun

When a huge amount of your hunting success depends on your choice of gears, You put lots of efforts to get the perfect one for our trip. Hunting in contemporary period is more among the entertainment factors than for feeding appetite. People hunt for fun, for adventure, and the days have gone when they hunted to survive. So there, our hunters are passionate about their hunting and expect a boom in their every shot, and precisely they are not willing to risk their life in the course of hunting, as our ancestors did without any hesitation.

Choosing right waterfowl hunting gun is as much crucial as getting right location for your hunting spot. Never before have hunters, had the various choice as they have today when it comes to waterfowl hunting guns. So, what stuffs to care while choosing right waterfowl hunting guns?

Mud, debris, corn stubble, rain, snow and bone-chilling cold – it is all the part of waterfowl hunting and only a passionate waterfowl hunter would love it. The best and reliable shotgun, performing flawlessly when a flock of waterfowl settles into your hunting spread. Positively, we have modern shotguns; they are reliable and manufactured precisely for a hunter like you and us.


Whether it is most celebrated 12-gauge or evergreen 20-gauge, you need to focus on your necessity and affordability. For some situations, 20-gauge is more adequate, precisely when shooting birds up close. But 12-guage shotguns are more versatile and affordable than others. Moreover, 12-guage shotguns’ shells are easily available. 10-guage also has its usability but its use is limited. These large capacity loads are beneficial for pass-shooting sea geese and ducks, as the rates can be extended and clean kills can be done tough retrieving birds can be troubling.

Barrel length

Conventionally, the 30-inch barrel is preferred for serious waterfowl hunting, and even now, it is the most served barrel length on the majority of over the counter guns. In turn, it recommended that the longer barrel length would be helpful to improve accuracy but as far as waterfowl hunting is concerned- where you have to move and carry your guns on your shoulder, then may be little short barrel would be perfect for the situation. It would be recommended to have 28 or rather 26-inch barrel length to improve portability without sacrificing accuracy.

Additionally, there are many things still remains to consider when you choose right waterfowl hunting gun. Most preferable break-action for mid-west waterfowl hunting guns is over/under and chargeable chokes would be convenient.