Foster Calls: Little Town, Big Sound

Believe me when I say big things can come from small places. In this case it’s Foster Calls, nestled in the small farm town of Crook, CO. Michael Foster is not only a high school football state champion heading into his Sophmore year, a home run hitter for his baseball team, he’s also becoming a gifted call maker in his spare time. The shop behind his house is his temple and when he’s not chasing green heads or honkers, doing his homework or going to football practice he’s in the shop crafting up his latest and greatest call.

How would you like to have your old duck stamps encased in your duck or goose call? Maybe you want your call to include deer or elk antler? Your name engraved? Foster Calls can do it. Just take a look at some of the calls Michael has made recently:

Bocote Duck Call


Glow in the dark Duck Stamp Embedded Goose Call


Wood Calls with Elk Antler Rings


Calls with Custom Engraving


As you can see Michael is talented and is constantly coming up with original designs and improving his calls. You can find more of Michael’s calls on the Foster Calls Facebook page here.

What we like so much about Foster Calls is the custom work, care and quality that Michael puts in to them and how can you not respect a young man that has found time to win a state championship, attend high school, and build a business before he turns 18? It’s young men like Michael that are passionate about waterfowl conservation that will keep this sport alive for many years to come and we support that entirely.

We ask that you also support Michael and Foster Calls by liking his page on Facebook and picking up one if his calls. His pricing is right, his calls are top quality, they sound great and buying hand-crafted American made products is the right thing to do. Don’t wait until Michael hit’s Duck Commander status, send him a message and get your custom call made before duck and goose season starts.