Expert Goose Hunting Tips from Huntfowl

Canada goose is one of the most prominent species found in huge numbers in North America. There are a lot of sub-species such as Brant, Greater White fronted Goose, and Lesser White fronted Goose, Ross’s and Snow Goose.

Whether you are a first timer or veteran hunter, Goose hunting has its own attraction and offer unlimited adventure with its loud honking call and big v-shaped flocks. When you are ready to hunt and a flock comes at your call, that scene is memorable and many find it difficult to choose between guns or camera.

Still goose hunting is not easy and requires detailed knowledge and skills to succeed. Recent advances in gears and tactics have made hunting more effective but don’t go unnecessarily for expensive gears and thousands of dollars expenditure in decoys and blinds, following others blindly, just to get a good hunting season.

If you don’t want to end your hunting days in frustration follow these Goose hunting tips and enjoy an exemplary hunting season.

  • Scouting – for goose hunting scouting is most important activity you have to do in order for a successful hunt without huge expenses on blinds and gears. Geese generally feed for few days in a row in the same field if not scared away by large presence of hunters so choose a quiet field with feeding activity and set up early in the morning and enjoy a great hunt.
  • Using Decoys – if you are hunting in a feeding field then small number of decoys are sufficient but always spread these decoys. Spreading these decoys would give the flock landing place and better hunting angles also. Using a different mix of decoys such as decoys looking like actively feeding birds and resting birds would attract huge flocks and it is a proven tactic employed by many hunters.
  • Goose Calls – many good calls that make every possible goose sounds are available today so invest in a loud high pitched one and a soft, realistic one for different conditions. Get the knowledge on when to call and you would get a successful hunting day but blowing the call at the wrong time can turn away the flock. Try practicing feeding murmurs and soft cluck and imitating them would get you good results.
  • Blinds – cover the blind as much as you can with local vegetation because if you are not fully concealed or the blinds are not up to mark then geese would not come. Also limit your movement, be still and only move when you have to shoot because even smaller movements would keep geese alert and away.
  • Climate conditions – different behaviors are exhibited by geese in different weather conditions. If there is snow then geese would lie down after touching the ground. Try representing this behavior with decoys to attract geese flocks. In fogs don’t call and make noise too much instead use flag when the birds are nearer.
  • Practice Shooting – before the hunt, hone up your shooting skills in natural hunting shooting stations so as not to lose up when time comes up for hunting.

These are some of the tips to prepare you for a great hunting season. Practice shooting and calling and gain knowledge about goose hunting as much as you can so that you get the best hunt of your lifetime.

If you want, you can go for a guided goose hunting also. All the information about outfitters is provided on our website, for those who have still to finalize location and outfitters for this hunting season can visit us and get the list of best outfitters in the industry.